Welcome! My name is Rev Alison Caiola, and I am a second generation Ordained Interfaith Minister who performs Interfaith, Traditional Religious, Non Religious, Non-Denominational Spiritual, Civil, Civil Union and Commitment Wedding Ceremonies in the New York City Metropolitan area, Long island, New Jersey and Connecticut. I also have hand selected a small, wonderful group of Ministers who officiate in New England.

First, let me just say CONGRATULATIONS to you. Marriage is a joyful transformation, a journey that will last a lifetime. It is my honor and privilege to be part of the beginning facet of your journey.

As an engaged couple, when you contact me, I immediately let you know that whatever type of wedding ceremony you envision, together we can create it. My motto is "It's your day--everything is your way!" It is also important for me to get to know you so that the ceremony reflects the warmth of our friendship. If it is your wish, it is my pleasure to design a ceremony that includes your parents with special readings, a beautiful rose ceremony and even participation in the candle lighting or unity sand ceremony portions of the service.

If there are children brought into the marriage, and it is your desire, I can create a special portion of the ceremony where you address the children, vowing that you will be one loving family, and your home will always be a safe haven for them.

After getting to know you, we work together to create the perfect ceremony. I give you different wedding ceremony choices, and you make the final decision so that it is exactly what you have always envisioned it to be...and more!

My vow to you:
I promise that your ceremony will be lovely, memorable, heart-warming and uniquely yours!

There is no charge for your initial meeting with me. You can meet with me in my New York City, Long Island or Los Angeles studys. I also have SKYPE capability so we can video conference via computer while you sit in the privacy of your own home.

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