Letters and Testimonials

Dear Rev Alison, Hi. I miss you! Here are my thoughts about our beautiful day. Feel free to show any prospective bridal couple looking for an officiant or even put it on your website. I am always willing to give a phone referral as well. That is how passionate I am about you! Honestly, I relive the ceremony in my heart and mind constantly. It was truly the best day of my life. And you know, for Joe and I the ceremony was the best part! I'd love to see you. Let me know if you have any time.
All my love, Deb

To anyone looking for an officiant: Simply put, Rev. Alison is a GEM. My husband Joe and I knew we wanted a spiritual, loving, unique and very memorable ceremony for our wedding, but that is really all we knew. We met with Rev Alison and she instantly - GOT US! She was funny, attentive, warm, supportive and dedicated to her incredible craft. She shared great ideas and exercises with us to lead us to our perfect ceremony. She advised us on different rituals we could include such as; the flower ceremony - highly recommend it, the wine ceremony - bringing to faiths together in prosperity, the sand ceremony taking the place of the unity candle ritual because our wedding was at the beach. It was perfect. Joe and I wanted to engage and include our guests in the ceremony to bring everyone together with love and a light heart- Rev.Alison was right there to suggest an ice breaker so to speak at the beginning. Again it was perfect. Rev Alison really cared about us! And that cascaded throughout the entire process. (People thought we had known Rev Alison for years when in actuality we found her on the web) At the ceremony, she was warm, loving andhumorous - never preachy! She was professional, poised and articulate. She really was our calming and nurturing force.

Our guests still talk about the incredible ceremony as if it was a journeywe all took together. It was so US! Or personalities, our shared love and experiences and our commitment to one another was front and center for our community to share with us. And it was Rev Alison - as our minister, our interpreter, our narrator, our advisor brought it all to life for us.

The ceremony was incredibly loving, real and heart felt. It was funny, light and joyous all at the same time. There was not a dry eye in the house and you could hear the laughter a mile away!

There were so many incredible pieces to our wedding that brought it all to life. But it began with Rev Alison. She was and is a truly amazing person and is a light that shined on us. We are honored to have been blessed with her presence in our lives and we hope our thoughts and feelings of truth lead you to her as well.
Best of luck
Debra and Joe

Rev Alison truly is the whole package. She is the calm during a day of chaos. Whatever unexpected or expected situation arose she maintained an absolute peaceful demeanor that made a day and really the weekend feel special. After the ceremony we received compliments on her ceremony from everybody we saw that night. People told us that normally ceremonies tend to be boring, but ours left them wanting more. I had a friend say to me normally he has trouble sitting through a half-hour ceremony but he wanted to sit there for 2 more hours. There was a great mixture of emotions, we laughed and cried but most of all she added the perfect amount of her personal touch. I can't say enough about Rev Alison and what she did for our special day.
Thank you so much,
Darren and Dana Rosenblum

Dear Rev Alison
How can we thank you for giving us an incredible gift, a fantastic and memorable wedding ceremony! It was as if you knew us our entire lives. Our families all felt so involved and it really brought the two families even closer together! There wasn't a dry eye in the house, and I was speechless, I truly could not speak. To this day people still remember and talk about the ceremony you gave us. We promise to contact you for the blessing of our first baby With much gratitude and affection.
Susie and Scott

Dear Rev Alison,
There are no words to describe how special you made our wedding day. As you were made aware, our situation with Matthew having just finished Basic Training was only going to be home for a short time, before he was heading upstate and then deployed overseas. Our entire lives have always led us to each other, making everything else fall into place so easily. Having found you on the first try made it mean that much more. Not to mention our wedding date also being your parents Wedding Anniversary was most definitely a good sign right there!

You were able to translate exactly how we felt to make our vows personal and unique. Being that the wedding was untraditional to begin with, you had that artistic, free-way about you that fell right into our energy. There aren't two people who love each other more, and we can't thank you enough for creating a day that we've been wanting for such a long time.
Always, Kim and Matthew, June 25, 2007

Dear Rev Alison,
We could not wait to write to you to tell you how perfect our ceremony was. Whenever a couple gets married and brings children from past marriages into the marriage, there are a lot of different emotions and feelings that come into play. You beautifully weaved our children into the ceremony with the vows that we gave them. The children all held hands; it was so emotional and beautiful. We truly felt as if we became one big happy family that day.
Randy and Melanie

Dear Rev Alison
We can't believe how lucky we were to find you, almost out of a hat! You were warm and fun but still so calming. I know both of our families were touched by the ceremony and vows. We both enjoyed the whole thing so much. Thank you, thank you
xo Caroline & Dirk xo

Dear Rev Alison,
As you know, our wedding was a very last minute affair. I had the job of booking everything - I found you on the internet and just stopped searching--something in me knew you would be perfect. After calling you and having a great conversation all that I kept thinking was that you made it sounds so easy. That was everything I needed it to be --smooth with no bumps in the road and that is exactly what we got.

You gave us choices of ceremony which were so beautiful and though my husband and I did not write our own vows the way you created them, felt like we did. The day was wonderful - we did not know where we would do the ceremony and it was you who called it!! It was the most beautiful experience I could have ever dreamed of. You were so flexible and open and now we have the most precious memories of our ceremony. Thank you Rev. for knowing what we wanted before we did.
Adriana & Paul

Who would have thought that shopping for an officiant online would have brought us someone so wonderful to celebrate our special day! We were a bit apprehensive about finding an officiant online, but from the first contact, Rev.Alison was terrific! She really made us feel so comfortable! and seemed to immediately understand our needs. I am Jewish and my husband is Catholic, yet we wanted to celebrate both of our heritages. Not only did Rev. Alison work that in to a beautiful and unique ceremony, she also introduced a tradition that was new to us both. We got so many compliments on our ceremony - and still do to this day.

There aren't enough great things to say about Rev. Alison! She is an angel and we were blessed to have her marry us!
Robyn & Dennis

Dear Rev Alison,
It had always been our dream to travel to NYC to get married. It is very difficult, however to plan a NY wedding all the way from the U.K. We were also worried that the clergy that we chose would not know us and the wedding would be cookie-cutter. Well we found you Rev Alison, and you turned our wedding dreams into a reality! Not only were you kind enough to help us locate the perfect place to get married, but we couldn't believe how personal and warm the ceremony was. You captured our feelings for each other perfectly. For that we are ever so grateful.
Kevin & Rachel

Dear Rev Alison,
Our wedding was so beautiful, you were so warm and friendly. You created a wedding ceremony that was beyond our hopes. Bless you!
Sincerely Alex and Alison

Rev. Alison was a dream come true for us. We had always wanted to be married by someone with as much heart as Rev Alison has; and when it came time for her to construct and conduct our ceremony, Rev. Alison delivered!!!! EVERYONE commented on how lovely our service was. That was the #1 thing people remembered and commented on!! It was very personal and people who don't normally cry cried that day!!!

All we can say is that THE ONE THING people commented on in regards to our wedding, was the ceremony performed by Rev Alison. Her love and care was right on target!

Our ceremony was completely customized to our wants and needs. Rev Alison was flexible and courteous. She was reliable and delightful. Jessica and I recommend Reverand Alison with total ease - she's the best!!!

Dear Rev Alison,
We just wanted to tell you how much we loved the ceremony that you created and performed for us. Being that we are a bi-racial, interfaith couple from different countries, we did not think that we would find someone who could take elements of our backgrounds and cultures that we both love so much, and put it into one ceremony. You did it, Rev Alison, you really did! Suggesting the Irish Hanky and Jumping The Broom together was brilliant and beautiful. We are very grateful.
Blessings Maureen & Charles

Dear Rev Alison
Thank you so much for making our wedding day perfect! Our ceremony was warm, spiritual, intimate and soulful. We truly loved everything about the way you put it together. We will always remember...
Felice and Dennis